Adam Shbeita, then 18, came to Southern California in 1986 to pursue his education.  He earned an Associate of Science degree from Long Beach City College, and a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University Long Beach. He takes pride in having completed his university education while working full-time.  “I found that I loved California,” he says, “and so I stayed.”  He has lived here his entire adult life.

Adam Shbeita’s deep concern about our children’s future stems from his concern for his own daughter and son, 13 and 11.  Adam works as an information technology consultant.  In his spare time, he reads extensively, on technology, global affairs, and politics.   In sports, Adam favors soccer and basketball.

Immigration reform that enables immigrants to participate fully in American society is a strong concern of Adam’s.  Born with Jordanian citizenship, Adam spent his youth in Morocco and Jordan, where his father taught school.  Adam is a naturalized citizen of the United States.  “I love this place,” he says, “and I want to make it better.”